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No quality is more important to us than integrity.

We are committed to pursuing our business with integrity and to see to it that our employees and representatives live up to the highest possible standards. Our business dealings shall be conducted with openness and honesty according to the rule of law. We determine to respect the dignity and rights of individuals, recognising each on their own merit regardless of social or cultural differences.


Everyone who works for SRC contributes to our success and to creating a distinctive company.
We are committed to creating a stimulating and rewarding work environment governed by mutual trust and co-operation, in which all employees take responsibility for the performance and reputation of our company. Our focus is on motivating our employees to deliver their best through a competitive & performance-based compensation structure. Concurrently, we shall provide support to develop their competencies and capabilities through training & development initiatives as well as an open & constructive performance review process. We also endeavour to facilitate in management of our employees’ personal priorities so that they are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance.



Long-term relationships founded on trust and mutual advantage are vital to SRC’s business success. .

We are committed to creating mutual advantage in all our relationships so that others will always prefer to do business with SRC. Our approach is to maximise benefits not only for ourselves but also for all parties concerned with whom we have business dealings. We seek to foster understanding between ourselves and these parties as well as to build a sustainable relationship with them that is based on high performance standards, delivering on our promises, openness and flexibility, learning from others, mutual interdependence and sharing success


To be a highly successful business unit entails sound control processes and judicious risk management.
SRC is committed to maintaining a reliable, effective and efficient system of internal controls in the pursuit of our business objectives. At the operating, functional and entity level, we undertake to identify, mitigate and manage risks to acceptable levels as well as ensure proper corporate governance.

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